The Afternoon Drive with Jake McBride

Enjoy your drive home with The Afternoon Ride With Jake McBride!!

Jake arrived in NWA in the spring of 2001….it took a lil time, but soon he was calling NWA HOME!!

Jake has a genuine passion for people….and serving people. Over the years, he has developed great relationships with several of the non-profits in the area. These relationships make him one of the most sought after event emcees in NWA…..and he loves it!!

Jakes says “radio is STILL a people business….and I genuinely love to help people. Being able to be a part of a positive difference in the lives of my neighbors is one of the most rewarding feelings….EVER!”

And then there is the music……the best music.

Jake goes on to say “the music mix on Nash Icon is music that stirs up memories….every song seems to be attached to some memory….some event or some time in your life that you hold near and dear. Sometimes you smile and sometimes you shed a tear….but it’s the music you know and love.”

Away from work you will find Jake and his wife, Tara, “piddlin’¬† in their yard in Prairie Grove. There they have their sanctuary with Lulu The Bulldog, Benny and Stanley.

Jake¬† is also part of one of the up and coming Southern Gospel Quartets in the region….they are called Ozark Revival Quartet. They travel Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma and sing… can check out their Facebook page or their website