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For nearly 40 years BIG DAN HENTSCHEL has been waking, cajoling, nudging & pushing people out of bed in Northwest Arkansas.  

The most recognized name (and voice) in radio, Dan loves his job.  

“I haven’t gone to work a day in my life – I love what I do…” and you can hear it in his voice & comfortable style every morning on 94.3 Nash Icon.  

People listen to Dan & believe him because he is one of them. “I came to Northwest Arkansas in the late 60’s to go to college and never left.”   

Dan is invited to emcee, speak publicly, roast those who need roasting, open grocery stores, introduce new products to the area and invite people to join him in the day to day of life of NORTHWEST ARKANSAS.   

Married with 3 adult children, Dan has related his life to his listeners from his wedding at a Ford Dealership to the birth of his children while ON-THE-AIR.   

Big Dan Hentschel is an old friend the community Northwest Arkansas has grown up with.   

“Every day is a new adventure and I look forward to each one,” pretty much sums up Big Dan’s philosophy. Tune in weekday mornings on 94.3 NASH Icon.